Wild Pheasant Hunting Information from Taylor Guide Service

We hunt wild pheasant only, so we abide by the normal South Dakota Game Fish and Parks rules and regulations. The regular pheasant hunting season in South Dakota always starts on the 3rd Saturday of October. It generally ends the last day of December. If you are hunting pheasants in South Dakota on any dates other than those just mentioned you are hunting on Preserve. The earlier in the season you book the better odds you have for nice weather. However, the late season hunts are some of the most exciting. If you book a late season hunt just remember to bring plenty of clothes and dress in layers. We are not out in the weather for long stretches of time so there is time to warm up between fields.

We only hunt one group at a time at Taylor Guide Service. We will hunt different land each day with different types of cover. We always let the land rest for several days in between hunts. Some of the types of cover we hunt include grass draws, CRP, shelter belts, cattails, and standing crop fields. Each field will possess its own unique challenge. I will give you instructions on how to best hunt each field and the rest will be up to you. I have dogs but you are welcome to bring your own as well. I only ask that they be kept under control. A dog that breaks can ruin a pheasant hunt. Everyone is required to wear safety glasses and hunters’ orange is also recommended.

This is a true wild pheasant hunt. To learn more about the wild pheasant please refer to our Pheasant Fact page for more information.